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Image by Jim Witkowski

Waste Handling and Storage

What is waste handling?

A common issue our customers face when dealing with their extraction equipment is.... "what do I do with my waste now its been filtered?"

Once CWL have removed the waste from your place of work, and safely filtered it, we can then assist and advise on the most efficient way of handling and storing your waste product. Through the use of transport and conveyor systems we can move your waste product around site to serve multiple services. 

Popular forms of waste storage are silos, trailers, skips and bags. These all depend on the nature of your waste product, so discuss with our knowledgeable engineers for more information.

Can I get a financial return on my waste? 


If you have a waste product that can be recycled and reused, then there are multiple ways of making money from your waste, allowing your extraction equipment to create a financial return and maybe even profit!

Common examples of financial return on your waste product are: 

  1. Filling a 40-foot trailer provided by a recycling company who then buy your waste.

  2. Feeding your waste in to a biomass boiler and using the waste to heat your facilities, saving on utility bills.

  3. Feeding your waste in to a briquetter that turns your waste in to pellets that can be sold domestically for log burners.

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